Organized Crime Essay

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Organized Crime

Donald Creesey was a pioneer in the study of organized crime. He was

also considered the first expert on the subject. However, his contributions to the

field are now in question. In the next two articles a battle of words is waged

between Joseph L. Albini, author of "Donald Cressey's Contributions to the

Study of Organized Crime An Evaluation", and Charles H. Rogovin along with

Frederick T. Martens, authors of "The Evil That Men Do", concerning Cressey's

actual accomplishments.

First of all, a brief introduction to each of the authors' credentials is

needed to add respectability to his opinion on what Cressey has done. Joseph L.

Albini has a doctorate in the field of
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Although the articles are in

direct contrast with one another, each authors' opinion must be considered

before refuting it.

The article composed by Albini is a critical evaluation of Donald Cressey's

work. Within the pages of the article are numerous reasons why Cressey was

wrong in the conclusions he arrived at and how he was careless in his research

to attain those conclusions. Throughout the article Albini makes allegations of

ignorance and utter disregard for information directed toward Cressey that would

refute the very conclusions Cressey has been heralded for reaching.

In contrast, Rogovin and Martens derived an article that supports the

same conclusions which Albini criticizes. They continually find and state

examples of how they feel Albini to be wrong and Cressey to be correct. They

have determined that Albini's article has no foundation and no merit, which leads

Into the effectiveness and correctness of Cressey.

To start off the criticisms by Albini of Cressey, Albini claims that Cressey

feared for his life. Albini attributes this fear to Cressey's "unquestioning and, in

many cases, uncritical acceptance of the government data." He, being Albini,

protests that Cressey warned him once of the dangers of pursuing his research

in the field of organized crime. He did not fault Cressey for this fear, but later on

in Albini's own

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