Organized Crime-Personal Narrative Analysis

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Experiencing extortion: The intriguing story of yet another victim of organized crime
Have you ever experienced extortion? Most people would say no, yet as a young child I could say I had. Most of my life was already not ordinary, since my family did not follow the path that many Asian-Mexican families do, for my mother had been offered a job as a teacher in the state college when I was 6 years old and had therefore been able to escape the somber lifestyle that most of my relatives had with time-consuming jobs. I grew up in Mexico, a culturally rich country that is unfortunately marked by violence. You could say that this fact was evident to everyone, it was said on the news channel on TV and it was also always the front page of local newspapers.
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My mother then proceeded to tell me her version of what had happened. I realized then that the person who talked to her wasn’t a selfless person willing to rescue me; he was a man who promised to never let me see light again unless my mother gave him what he asked for. She never went into too much detail, because I knew she was afraid of remembering, afraid of going back to that painful moment where she feared for the safety of her children. That night I laid in bed, and thoughts of guilt consumed me. The only person at fault had been me, I had been the person who left the house and took my brother, I was the person who took the cab and went to the mall, and I had been the one that gave that man all of my personal…show more content…
The guilt of that experience haunted me for years and shaped who I was; I became a very reserved person, it was hard for me to trust people again and eventually it was part of my personality. But as Albert Einstein once said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” I realized that the mistake I had made brought a new experience to me, a lesson to learn and improve from. If it were not for this experience, I would not have learned to be more cautious and to not blindly trust others. I eventually understood that I shouldn’t take mistakes as something to be ashamed of or guilty about, but as a memory and a story to tell, one that I can share with others. Over time I was able to let go of the guilt that I felt, and accepted the fact that, unfortunately, I had fallen into the hands of organized crime, that I had unconsciously led to my own extortion with tactics that have been used for decades, and that the ones at fault where those who manipulated me, -they had taken my innocence from me. I had to come to terms with the reality of my past, and I could no longer deny that indeed it had happened, I couldn’t run and hide and let the guilt consume me. I had to move on, and thus I took my experience and have shared it with others. If one can accept
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