Organized Crime : Small Street Gangs Or Terrorist Groups

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Comprised of distinct elements that assist in establishing and defining organized crime in small street gangs or terrorist groups are national or transnational criminal organizations. Organized crime groups have an organized structure. These structures include hierarchical structures or other similar structures which establish a clear chain of command. Having a structure provides knowledge of every member’s role in the organization; who gives the orders and who needs to obey and carry out the commands. Further, exclusive membership is typically a requirement. This allows shared trust amongst members of the group. Move over, exclusive membership reduces the risk of infiltration by law enforcement officials and aids in maintaining some secrecy within the organizations and the strategies (Lyman & Potter, 2006). Organized crime operates its illegal trades primarily in the shadows in hopes of drawing little attention from law enforcement agencies who may look to disrupt their criminal activities. Maintaining secrecy is necessary for various operations that organized crime may participate in and may add to the longevity of the group before being targeted by law enforcement. As a part of organized crime, groups need to use violence to show force and gain control of an area. Extortion may also act as a show of intimidation with the hopes people will comply with the organization 's demands. Additionally, criminal organizational syndicates often participate in multiple

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