Organized Crime as the Main Factor that Led to Failure of Prohibition

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Organized Crime as the Main Factor that Led to Failure of Prohibition In January 1919 the 18th Amendment outlawed the manufacture, transportation and sale of liquor, backed up by the Volstead Act which classify liquor as any drink which contained 0.5% alcohol or more. Different groups backed this new law but it was also opposed by many. Prohibition, never succeeded. There were various reasons why the enforcing of Prohibition failed. Both presidential candidates in 1932 were 'wet' so on 5th December 1933 Prohibition was finally abolished by the 21st Amendment - 14 years after it had been introduced. But was organised crime and the gangsters the only reason why Prohibition failed? I will give a…show more content…
There was a public demand for alcohol, so many people took up the opportunity to supply this growing demand and many 'ordinary' US citizens were turned into criminals. The law was escaped by many US citizens, some of them weren't even discovered. In a single year. The public still had the benefit of drinking alcohol and when the saloons and shops selling alcohol were shut, the public found substitutes. Some had stills in their own homes and some called on speakeasies. Convicted offenders against Prohibition were often let off mildly. Standard fines were about $130 and even serious offenders were imprisoned for less than six months. A immense percentage of the country still drank and some drank more than they did before Prohibition as alcohol was so easy to find. However some of this alcohol was not the type of alcohol that they were used to drinking which resulted in many health problems. More employees were probably absent from work than before Prohibition, with alcohol poisoning from drinking the 'moonshine', which frequently resulted in blindness and death. This was because of the types of alcohol sold, where no one knew quite what they were getting. In fact much of this alcohol was industrial alcohol, unfit for consumption which caused blistered lips. Lack of public support was definitely quite

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