Organized Sports

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The concept of masculinity and its relation with sports is directly and indirectly related to the development of gender identity in males, especially in their growing years through high school and college (Messner, 2011). Sport is truly the one structure in any and all societies that can contribute the construction of gender equality by designing the overall approach, outlook and patterns of behavior for both girls and boys. The domain of organized sport and the relevant participation in it has primarily been male dominant over the years and allows opportunities for many young men to work within an environment that is made of different standards and very flexible socialization processes. This allows the young men to also form strong associations with other athletes or sports related individuals; and, if they are successful in the sporting realm then they end up having stronger self-esteem structures and positive outlooks on not only their individual identities but also their overall contributions (Messner, 2011). Messner (2011) asserts that the organized sporting culture does ascertain a hyper-masculine tendency in many young boys and leads to some problems. One of the main problems is that it leads to the increased objectifying and sexualizing of women amongst the sporting males. This is so because most of the organized sports in the world are an after-shoot of the field sports first brought forth in England back in the 19th century and has evolved into a much more
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