Organizing A Concert At Edan Park

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Introduction Organizing a concert is a collection of experience lessons learnt from the past failures because stepping stones to success only if learning goes along with failure. We hope that this document will be a bare bone instruction list for concert organizing and a check list for the experience. This report represents main topics related to the concert project. Auckland city calendar is always full of cultural festivals, major sports competitions, concerts and exhibitions, international stage shows. Auckalders of all ages and backgrounds like to go out for enjoyment. With the support of all sponsors our company AsoftA who is specializes in event organizing and going to organize a concert at Edan Park for gathering money for charity organizations and promotions healthy life style. This concert includes all things like food, drinks, and performances by artists which is a main attraction in this concert. A dedicated team of AsoftA under the supervision of Arnold Dryden general president doing all the arrangements for this concert from start to end e.g. - from the first date of planning this concert to accounts closure. It is a true professional endeavor which involves all the aspects for this concert. Background In Auckland city many concerts are took place all the concerts have their own motives or goals. AsoftA is going to organize a concert for charity and promoting healthy life style. With the help of some well know sponsors. This concert took place in edan park

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