Organizing A Fundraising Event At The South And City College Enterprise Day

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Introduction This report evaluates my own experience working within a team to organise a fundraising event at the South and City College Enterprise Day. We were aimed to raise money for Teenager Cancer Trust by selling handmade crafts. Below, I am going to reflect about my own experience and about how the team worked together to achieve our goals. Team roles and problem solving techniques will be evaluated and suggestions for improvement will be given as we have now learned from this experience. 1. Team roles Everyone in the team adopted different roles according to their skills and personalities. The roles we played were not agreed by them team but just came according to each one 's abilities. The team had functional diversity, that is, different skills that put together allowed the team to achieve its goals (West, 2012). This also provided the team with different ideas to share and achieve the best outcomes (Sohmen, 2013). One member of the team was a resource investigator (Belbin, 1991-2006). She creates contacts during the fair and explored new selling opportunities, engaging people to come to the table. Another team member was more teamwork (Belbin, 1991-2006) being diplomatic and finding ways to make people agree to each other. The team also had a sharper member (Belbin, 1991-2006) that challenged the team ideas. She was helpful to improve and polish the team decisions, however it lead into some arguments with other team members. One team member played the role of

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