Organizing A Global Clinical Trial Involving A New Serum Marker

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The topic of “organising a global clinical trial involving a new serum marker to detect the early onset of lung cancer” has numerous potential discussion points. Firstly, it is necessary to understand what is meant by “clinical trial”. A clinical trial is any research or study which assigns human participants to one or more health related intervention3. These interventions are then evaluated to determine the effects on health outcomes, such as disease3. Since clinical trials are centred around human participants, human ethics underpin every aspect of the clinical trial. The aim of a clinical trial is to develop safe medical treatments and vaccines1, so human participation is essential to ensuring these drugs are safe and effective. In the…show more content…
Global clinical trials are also necessary for rare diseases. This is because cases may be scattered across the globe, and to ensure enough participants are recruited to gain scientifically useful data, researchers are forced to look globally1. As such, increasing the number of global clinical trials has clear benefits to researchers and society. In addition to the advantages of ensuring a drug is safe in various populations, globalisation has wide reaching benefits. The greatest benefit to scientists and pharmaceutical companies is the reduced cost of conducting clinical trials in lower-income countries1. Clinical trials are driven primarily by the work of physicians, nurses and trial coordinators1, and in lower-income countries the salaries of these workers are far less than in high-income countries. The estimated cost of outsourcing clinical trials to clinics in these lower-income countries is between $1500USD and $2000USD2. This is substantially lower than in high-income countries. The added benefit to consumers of reduced clinical trial costs is the reduction in price of the trial drug. Globalisation of clinical trials shortens the period of time required to conduct clinical testing, which further reduces the costs of drugs2. This results from the increased
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