Organizing Function of Management

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Organizing Function of Management According to Bateman & Snell (2009), Management is a world of action. It is a world that requires timely and appropriate action. It is a world not for the passive but for those who commit to positive accomplishments. Management requires the organization and coordination of the activities related to the running of an organization based on established policies. Historically, organizing involved creating an organization chart by identifying business functions, establishing reporting relationships, and having a personnel department that administered plans, programs, and paperwork. Now and in the future, effective managers will be using new forms of organizing and viewing their people as perhaps their most…show more content…
This is up 2 million from the prior year and 14 million more per day compared to 2002; McDonald’s total stock return for the three-year period ending in 2009 was ranked number one among the 30 blue-chip companies that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average (McDonald’s 2009 Annual Report, 2010. In 2009 McDonald’s delivered another exceptional year of growth, posting strong sales and an increased market share around the world. Global comparable sales increased 3.8 percent, fuelled by solid gains in the United States (+2.6 percent), Europe (+5.2 percent), Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa (+3.4 percent), Latin America (+5.3 percent) and Canada (+5.8 percent). Earnings per share for the year increased 9 percent to $4.11 (13 percent in constant currencies), while consolidated operating income increased 6 percent (10 percent in constant currencies). $5.1 billion was returned to shareholders through share repurchases and dividends paid, bringing the three-year cash return total to $16.6 billion. This is notably at the high end of the corporation target of $15 to $17 billion for the years 2007 through 2009 (McDonald’s 2009 Annual Report, 2010). Organizational Resources: Human Resources Human
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