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Organizing Paper MGT/330 Each business and organization has their own way on how the operate as well as how they organize within their organization. Different organizations have different operations, responsibilities as well as services that they provide. When organizations are operating they have certain plans, policies, and rules to develop and follow in order to have efficient strategies. When a new project is put into effect, the strategies will then need to be put into effect. When organizations such as Target implements the organizing functions of management, Target will need to use many different resources in order to aid their organization. Resources that Target uses when implementing organizing functions of management…show more content…
Due to Target’s outstanding customer service as well as the quality products they offer, this allows for the organization to operate smoothly in everyday operations as well as to smoothly implement new operations. Every product that Target offers to their customers is a physical asset, as an item of either economic commercial or exchange value that has a physical or material presence. Target’s physical assets also include any cash, inventory, and properties that Target owns. Target has a team of product coordinators and sourcing specialist that work with a widespread assortment of buyers around the world. This allows for Target to deliver trendy, high quality products offered to the customers at a remarkable price. One of the most important influences in organization management is an organizations’ knowledge. Target’s knowledge within the retail industry is what makes helps this company so successful. Knowledge is vital in any organizations as with a constant need for newer technologies and other aspects are important to an organization’s success. Knowledge within Target’s organization is vital as well in order to keep up with a constant change in fashion to include clothing, home and other products and services such as their photography studios. Knowledge is important to Target, as well as other businesses, as it keeps their customers

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