Organizing Trend

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Organizing Trends in Workplace

Traditional Trends

In designing a structure to support the efficient and effective accomplishment of organization goals, managers may choose to follow more traditional organizational organizational designs. The design are including functional, divisional, product, geographical, process and customer.

A functional structure is an organizational design that group similar or related occupational specialties together. It’s functional approach to departmentalization applied to the entire organization. Functional departmentalization can be used in all types of organization. Only the functions different follow the organization’s objectives and activities. For examples, a hosplital may have
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The others form of departmentalization is process departmentalization. For examples the production department of alumunum plant. Each department specialize in one specific phase or process in the production of aluminium tubing. The metal is cast in huge furnaces sent to the department of where it is extruded into aluminum pipe. It’s then transferred to the tube mill where it is streched into various sizes and shapes of tubing. After that it moved to finishing where it cut and cleaned and finally arrives in the inspect, pack and ship department. This form of departmentilization focuses on the work processes and can be used for processing customer as well as products.

The final form of departmentalization is customer departmantilization. This form of departmentalization can be used if there is necessary to fullfill the different kind of request from the customer. For example the organization can divide their marketing department into industrial market, government market and consumer market.

Modern Trends

Managers in modern organizations are finding that these traditional hierarchical designs are often aren’t appropriate for the increasingy dynamic and complex environments that they faced. There are some of the newest consepts in organizational designs.

The first design in modern trends is the shorter chain of command. This is the line of authority that links all persons with successively higher levels of management.

The seconds
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