Organizing Yourself For A Professional Organizer

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1. Someone else can come "make" you organized.

Don 't get me wrong, the services of a professional organizer are useful and sometimes necessary in order to get you on the right track. But hiring a professional organizer will not, ultimately, change you. And changing yourself and how you organize yourself is the only way you are going to get any kind of organizational system to work for you. You can go ahead and hire a professional organizer to come in and get your life organized for you but it will fall apart unless you change how you think about being organized.

So how do you change how you think about organization? A good way to start is with one part of your routine. Let 's say that one part of your home that drives you crazy is your "to-be-filed" tray. It seems to be constantly overflowing and out of control. For the next 21 days, commit to doing your filing every day. Stick to this commitment for the full 21 days. If you miss a day, start back at day one the next day. Once you 've reached that 21 day mark, congratulations, you 've just made a new habit and in the process, changed how you think about organization.

2. Your goal is to get fully organized.

If you 're aiming to get your life fully organized, you 're in for a rude awakening. Life does not come in perfectly organized little packages so stop trying to force it to fit. Just like there is no point in your life where everything is perfect and going exactly how you want it, there is no point in your…
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