Organizing and Designing a Company Successfully

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Organizing and designing a company successfully is an art, which needs to be carefully thought out and has to have a meaning behind it. To maintain the quality and productivity, leaders/managers need to approach the situation with unique strategy. Working in teams is not an easy task. Working in small organization, I came to see how grouping activities and combining positions can be difficult not just for employees, but also for managers. However, by the end of the day the task must be completed. So many different personalities and identities have to work together to promote a success. Making sure employees feel like they are “home” is crucial; if an individual does not feel comfortable, it will show in his/her work. President of the company, CEO, managers do not work just once a week to do “check up” to make sure everything is in order. It requires an orderly approach to handle issues on any given day. Business will not get in order with two claps. This profession requires thinking outside the box. Star model below helps us to understand that structure should be first issue which needs to be addressed. Strategy:-“formula for winning” Structure:-how is the company running. Processes:-span the “depth and breadth” of organization’s structure. People:-human resource policy that relates to attraction, recruitment, selection and etc. Rewards:-the hoped outcome, that benefited the employees and the company itself Sigmund Cohn Corp. has adopted chain of command
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