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Airterm – Airport Tenancy 2011 Company Plans: International Expansion to the United States of America International Business – BBB 4M1 Submitted to Mr. Nephin June 15th, 2011 By: Emily Smiley TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 3 Executive Summary 2 I. Company Profile 4 The company Background Current Situation Future Plans Airterm’s Services The Firm’s Potential Principal characteristics of the Current Canadian Market Major Industry Competitors Industry Trends Rationale for Expanding…show more content…
As well, having access to more storage and higher quality airports, and airport services would allow Americans to increase their use of air as a travel and transportation device without choking up the system that is presently at its maximum capacity. This would then increase productivity and revenues. Several factors such as culture, the economy, and legal factors, as well as transportation methods, must be considered before implementing the project. In the United States of America there are six recognized races: White, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. There are several religions prevalent throughout the nation: Christianity: (59.9% to 76.0%), Unaffiliated including atheist or agnostic (15.0% to 37.3%), Judaism (1.2% to 2.2%), Islam (0.6%), Buddhism (0.5% to 0.9%), Hinduism (0.4%) and Other (Religion in the United States, 2011). Communication issues must be considered because while there is no recognized official language, and English is used by the majority of the population, there are many people who speak Spanish and a minority who speak French (The Official Language, 2007). The United States’ national currency is the United States Dollar (USD), which currently exchanges at a rate of 1.02036 American dollars (USD) for one Canadian dollar (USD to CDN, 2011). This allows the strong Canadian dollar to enter the marketplace. The United

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