Orginizational Stucture Review on Oceans Elevem

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Ocean’s Eleven
OLS 252, fall semester 2010
Demetrius Lopez

After watching the movie Ocean’s Eleven, what are your thoughts about it? You probably thought it starred an awesome cast, had unexpected twists, and had an original storyline. But, did anyone think in terms of an organization? I did not think so. However, many different behaviors in an organizational structure can be seen in the movie. This movie assessment paper will help you see the correlation by discussing teamwork dynamics, personalities traits, and leadership qualities. We will first discuss the group dynamics of Daniel Oceans’ team by approaching how and why they became a group. After serving his sentence, Daniel Ocean pursued a plan that would make him very rich.
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There are several aspects of personality that affect work performance (Greenburg & Barron, 2008). The “big five” is one of them. The big five dimensions of personality are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and open to experience. Daniel Ocean’s leadership ability is relative to these five traits. Conscientiousness is the first notable one. His conscientiousness was evident in his hardworking role as the leader of ten individuals, the organization of a very complex plan to rob the casinos, and his dependability to take the fall for the group by going to jail. Being an extravert, he enjoyed the company of others. He was able to energize the group members during the performance stage. His enthusiasm boosted the group that robbing the casino was possible. Ocean was sociable enough to talk to his ex-wife’s husband, Benedict who owned the casinos. This played a major role in the robbing process. The third personality dimension, agreeableness, occurs in the movie when Ocean cooperates with the group by agreeing to leave to group because his reason to rob Benedict had more to do with just the money. Tess, Ocean’s ex-wife and Benedicts new wife, was also a motive. Ocean was even able to warm Tess up to doubting Benedicts love for her. Neuroticism is another dimension of personality that Ocean obtained. He sense of emotional stability was keen when he was able to tell Tess he was leaving,
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