Orientalism, Imperialism, And Culture Clash

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Today in America the cultural divide between traditional western culture and many other cultures such as the Asian and Middle Eastern cultures show the divided clash between them that western culture has pushed from Oriental notions of other cultures and Imperial power on them believing that the views and culture of Western life are better for other people more than their own culture and way of living to establish power. These systems of power that still divide men and women create the idea that a person is either of American/Western culture or of the cultural life of where they came from. The construction of these systems by men show the chauvinistic ideals of Western culture that are destructive to women, men, and other cultures as well such as between the Eastern culture and the European culture. M.Butterfly by David Henry Hwang shows the theme Orientalism, Imperialism, and culture clash where Europeans fetishize Asian cultures as underdeveloped, backward, passive, exotic, and feminine and its impact of chauvinistic fetishization on men and women from these different cultures. With the main character Gallimard, it is shown he is heavily influenced by the Orientalist and Imperialist views that pervade his Western-European culture with his relationship to others which slowly becomes detrimental over time in the play and ultimately lead to his death.

An important part of the Western-European ideals that Gallimard adopts in the play and can be seen…

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