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Orientation: Orientation is an initial stage in the process of keeping new employees adjustment, and a part to continue attracting in an organization. Orientation is a systematic and planned introduction of employees to their jobs, their co-workers and the organization. It conveys three types of information that is, general information about daily work routine. A review of the organization’s history and it provide detailed presentation, perhaps in a booklet of the organization’s policies, work rules and employee benefits. The major objective of orientation which improves the employee commitment, reduce their concern, it help to understand the organization’s expectations and conveys the expectations from the job and the organization. Orientation…show more content…
They serve the important elements for fresh employee welcome and association combination. A successful orientation should accomplish four things. The new employee should feel welcome and at ease. He or she should understand the organization in a broad sense (its past, present, culture, and vision of the future), as well as key facts such as policies and procedures. The employee should be clear about what the firm expects in terms of work and behavior. And, the person should begin the process of becoming socialized into the firm’s preferred ways of acting and doing things. In other words, we can say that the right orientation can help the employees do their work more efficiently. Employee turnover increases when employees feel that they are not valued or are unable to perform their jobs. Orientation shows that the organization values the employees and helps to provide the tools required for a successful job. It is better for the orientation to be conducted as soon as it can, so that the supervisors and the co-workers will not have to spend much time teaching the employees. The employees can effectively and efficiently cover all the knowledge about the company, the departments and the work-environment during the orientation. The employees should be able to learn that what is expected from them and what they should be expecting from others. A well-focused orientation program will not only be…show more content…
Employee Benefit Information: As part of the hiring smart philosophy, orientations can be simple to prepare and conduct. All it really takes is planning. It actually begins at the point of hire when the offer is first presented. The offer letter can include a welcome and a brief overview of benefits, time to report, who to report to and what to expect the first day, week and follow up months. By only making sure the new employee is listed on the company schedule and in the phone system can make the first impression very favorable. 2. Personnel Policies Overtime policy, lunch time or break time policies, parking, telephone and Internet policies, security regulations and how the telephone system works. 3. Daily Routine: A good orientation may take a day to actually complete. A great orientation will continue throughout the next three months as the new employee learns more about the company and the job. This is accomplished by following up with the employee and asking for their feedback or evaluation of the orientation program. 4. Company Organization and
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