Orientation Program

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Orientation Training Program for New Employees

1. Introduction
Orientation is the pre-job phase of training. It introduces each new employee to the job and workplace as soon as he or she reports to work. The primary purpose of orientation is to tell new staff members what they want to know and what the company want them to know. Idaman Development Corporation (IDC) was incorporated on the 01st January 2009 to undertake the development of Idaman area of Taman Ibukota. IDC focuses to plan, develop, maintain and administer all the developments in the area designated as Taman Ibukota in Gombak.
As we know that new employees will suffer from a significant amount of unease during the first few days on the job as they find themselves in an
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As IDC is an organization which interact its customers in a daily basis, the training method that is use should motivate the new employees about the organization. The training methods which will be use in this new employee’s orientation program will consist of learning method and team method.

The purpose of using learning method is, because learning is the achievement of knowledge, skills, or attitudes. In addition this training program is conducted to adults, and adults learn best when they are actively involved in the training process, when they are presented with adequate materials and with a good environment. So to conduct a part of this new employee training program, employees will be given the appropriate materials needed about IDC.

The purpose of using team method is that IDC got administrative departments in separate areas where team work is necessary to achieve the goal. In addition to this IDC have a close interact with customers, and it is vital to have a team cohesiveness to maintain the relationship to the customers. So to conduct a part of this new employee training program, employees will be group in to small team to show and develop the important of team cohesiveness.

5. Lesson Plan
A lesson plan is a trainer’s guide for the actual delivery of training content (DeSimone & Werner, 2009). A lesson plan forwards not only what will be train someone to do, but how, when and where, what materials are needed, and how
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