Origin Energy

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Table of content 1. INTRODUCTION 2 1.1 BRIEF OUTLINE OF THE COMPANY AND ITS CORE BUSINESS ACTIVITIES 3 1.2 OVERVIEW OF CURRENT BRAND PORTFOLIO AND POSITIONING 4 1.3 PURPOSE OF THE STRATEGIC PLAN 4 2. SITUATION ANALYSIS 4 2.1 ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 4 Technological Environment 5 Social Environment 6 Political environment 7 Economic Analysis 8 Market Share 11 Segmentation 13 2.3 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS 19 Threat of New Entrants 20 Threat of Substitute Products 21 The Bargaining Power of Customers 22 The Bargaining Power of Suppliers 23 Competitive Rivalry within an Industry 23 2.4 INTERNAL ANALYSIS 24 Value Chain Analysis 24 Components of the Supply Chain 25 Analysis of Supply Chain Components 26 3. SWOT ANALYSIS 29 3.1…show more content…
Technology has improved tremendously in recent times, not only has the methods of procuring the natural resources improved, but also the methods of payment have improved. Origin Energy has improvised the payment methods for their customer by “smoothening” the bills, which means it now allows the customers to settle the bill through paying every fortnight or every 3 months instead of the traditional large sum payment of the bill during higher usage period. The customers can now enjoy the convenience of not queuing or writing cheques to pay their electricity bill. Thanks to the widespread adoption of Internet banking, customers are now able to pay their bills in the comfort of their own home with the “convenience of paying via direct debit on the customer’s savings, cheque or by credit card account” (Origin Energy 2008). Besides being technology to become more accessible “Origin Energy itself is being highly accredited for using and introducing Green Power for environment friendly purposes through solar and wind energy. This company has been accredited as Australia’s
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