Origin Of Cinderella Essay

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The Origins of Cinderella For as long as humankind has been around, stories of folklore have been passed down from generation to generation. In order to teach children a lesson in an interesting way, people began fabricating stories filled with adventure, royalty, and villains. As the invention of novels started to become more popular, so did these elaborate stories. In time, the wild fables once reserved for a number of countries now existed all over the world. This is how fairy tales came to be. A fairytale is a fictional tale that centers around a hero on a mission filled with out of this world elements such as magic, royalty, and adventure. For years, children were entertained by the charming storybook elements that fairy tales…show more content…
Although her owner was a kind hearted old man, the fellow house servants all teased her for beauty: “Their hair was straight and black while hers was golden and curly. They had brown eyes and she had green. Their skin had the glow of Copper, but she had pale skin that burned easily in the sun causing them to call her Rosy Rhodopis” (The Egyptian Cinderella). To endure the daily abuse from the other servants, Rhodopis made friends with the farm animals. One night, after the hard days work, her master watched Rhodopis sing and dance to the animals. Admiring Rhodopis’ graceful dance, the old man felt that no one so talented should go without shoes. He ordered her a special pair of slippers gilded with rose colored gold, and soles made out of leather. Although Rhodopis was thankful for the beautiful shoes, the other servants became green with envy and did everything possible to make her life harder. One day, the servants got word of a party hosted by the Pharaoh where all of the kingdom was invited. Rhodopis longed to attended the party with the other girls, but she was left behind with extra chores in order to ensure that she would not be able to appear at the ball. As she began to wash the clothes on the Nile, one of her slippers was splashed by a nearby hippopotamus. Quickly, Rhodopis grabbed the shoes and set them on the ground to dry. As she continued to do the
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