Origin Of Racism Research Paper

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The Origin of Racism
Today, racism is one of the most commonplace issues amongst western societies. It is the force which keeps humanity behind and the obstruction that prevents humanity from moving forward. Based on recent events, discrimination is more severe now than during the peak of the civil rights movement. Racial tension among blacks and whites is most apparent in the southern region of the United States. To lessen the impact racism has on the prosperity of the people, the investigation of bigotry and racism is imperative.
An essential aspect of how a person views the world is dependent on the upbringing of an individual. Through socialization, children formulate a bias belief system by which they lead their lives. A child's brain is comparable to the absorbency of a sponge: they subconsciously mimic and take on the morals their parents hold, whether the idea is right or wrong. In fact, there are cases in which the child does not consider the ethicalness of the notion in fear of displeasing his parents. This lack of reasoning frequently results in unjustifiable actions that could potentially lead to the person facing jail time. Consequently, a vicious succession of distorted impressions and pessimistic
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Collectivism is the principle of emphasizing the priorities of a group and writing off the identity, values, and ideas of each entity. This concept is the insensible structure on which discrimination and narrow-mindedness originated. In the instance of racism, the actions and values of the individual are meaningless, and the image of the race as a whole is the source in which an individual’s identity is derived from. In contrast, individualism is the principle of facilitating the individual identity and rights over those of the group as a whole. The latter of the two clearly surpasses the other because it supports the concept of equality and individual
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