Origin of Schizophrenia

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Student's Name Professor's Name Course Title 12 May 2012 The Origins of Schizophrenia-Associated Aggression Aggression and violence has long been associated with mental illness, especially those suffering from psychosis (reviewed by Singh et al. 1). To what extent individuals suffering from schizophrenia contribute to the prevalence of criminal violence is the theme of this research report. Data providing a direct analysis of the association between schizophrenia and aggression does not exist in one place, so conclusions must be based on data provided by a number of different sources. A historical perspective is also important because society has dramatically changed the way it provides services over the past 50 years. This essay will therefore begin with a short historical perspective of society's attitudes towards the mentally ill and end with a detailed analysis of current theories concerning the prevalence and contributing factors for aggression and violence in individuals with schizophrenia. Historical perspective Beginning in the 1960s, psychiatric hospitals began to reduce bed numbers in both the United States and Canada (reviewed by Corrado et al. 634). This created a massive efflux of formally institutionalized mental patients into the surrounding communities. In addition, shortly after the deinstitutionalization of psychiatric inpatients began to occur, violent crime rates began to increase precipitously (reviewed by Nielssen and Large 267). While some have
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