Origin of Sidhu

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Origin of Sidhu
Islam and most Sidhu jatts in India are Sikh
The ruling Sikh families of Patiala, Jind, Faridkot & Nabha in the Punjab, which after Independence, shortly came together as the Patiala and East Punjab States Union(PEPSU), were the famed Sidhu who traced their origin to the Bhatti/Bhati / Bhattis Rajputs. Khiva Rao sired Sidhu Rao in around 1250. Sidhu Rao's descendants merged with the Jat community. Sidhu is the founder of the Sidhu Clan. Sidhu was also married into a Gill Jat tribe. He sired six sons from this marriage: The heads of these families are said to have received baptism and initiation into the Khalsa fold from Guru Gobind Singh himself during his stay at Muktsar and areas in the vicinity.
Sidhu was also married
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After his death in 1560, the same was handed over to Mehraj. Mehraj’s grandson Mohan was pestered by Muslim Bhattis and he left Bidowali for some time in 1618 and came to the Bathinda area. According to one description, Mohan and his son Roop Chand laid their lives in 1632 during a fight with Muslim Bhattis. Mohan’s son Kala was also an ardent follower of the sixth Guru. When Shah Jehan’s army attacked the Guru in 1635 at Lehra near Mehraj, Kala along with his clan sided firmly with him. The Guru ended victorious. A happy Guru Har Gobind asked Kala Brar to fence as much land he wanted to. By evening, Kala had marked twenty-two villages and put his fence (Morhi) into the ground. The Bhullar Jats, who considered themselves to be the original dwellers and owners of this area removed his fence and threw it into a well. When Kala complained against this to the Guru, he remarked: "Bhai Kala, your roots have reached to the other world." Hence, Kala founded a village and named it as Mehraj.
[edit] Phool
When Guru Har Rai visited this area, Kala along with his cousins, Phool and Sandal appeared for his service. The Guru blessed Phool and Sandal with the privilege of affording to take his horse to the Ganges and Yamuna rivers for drinking water. On growing up, Phool founded the village of Phool and captured the areas surrounding it. Chowdhary Phool sired

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