Original Creation Of The Earth ( Nebular Hypothesis Vs. Six Day Creation )

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The topic selected for the following comparative essay is, “Original creation of the earth (nebular hypothesis vs. six-day creation).” This essay will discuss the key points and differences found in both of the creation theories. The young-earth six-day creation view will be compared against the secular nebular hypothesis. For introductory purposes the definition of the two theories will be provided as follows: the nebular hypothesis can be defined as, “A great cloud of gas and dust begins to collapse because the gravitational forces that would like to collapse it overcome the forces associated with gas pressure that would like to expand it” (The Origin of the Solar System). Contrary to that, the six-day creation theory propose that the writings in the book of Genesis state the Earth was created by God in six literal days. This essay isn’t meant to prove one of the theories correct, only to provide the proof for yourself to decide which theory to believe.
Old-Earth Secular View:

The topic chosen for this essay as it applies to an old-earth secular view is the nebular hypothesis. This section will discuss what exactly the nebular hypothesis is, as well as why it is a secular view. The nebular hypothesis can be defined as,
A cloud of gas and dust collapsed by gravity begins to spin faster because of angular momentum conservation. The collapsing, spinning nebula begins to flatten into a rotating pancake. As the nebula collapses further, local regions begin to
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