Original Creation of Earth

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Original Creation of the Earth (The Big Bang vs. Six-Day Creation)



Debora Ladner

December 3, 2012

INTRODUCTION The Big-Bang Theory, accepted widely by atheists and many scientists, simply says this: between 10 and 20 billion years ago a “bang” or explosion occurred from a single point in nothingness and with the scattering of googles of atoms, the earth came into being. An eruption of sorts occurred, haphazardly distributing the smallest particles of matter that miraculously adjoined themselves to create living, breathing organisms and every other object on the earth. Every word of the Bible is true. Every day, creation scientists are finding more and more evidence to support
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A scientific theory is our effort to observe, comprehend, and explain processes and events that are taking place repetitively in the present within our observation. Such a theory must be testable by repeatable experiments and be proficient of being falsified if false. Neither evolution nor creation satisfies these criteria. Both instead are attempts to clarify the origin of the universe and of life. And, as by definition the origin of these things is non-repeatable and cannot be observed today, both evolution and creation cannot be scientific theories. Nevertheless, both systems do own scientific character, since each attempts to associate and explain scientific data. So evolution and creation are best viewed as explanatory scientific models that are used to correlate and explain data related to origins. Thus, creation is in every sense just as scientific as evolution. Amazingly, evolution is as religious as creation because as a theory of origins it has both an ideological basis and religious implications. Evolution claims that God is not necessary to origins, that the universe effectively made itself. Such a concept constitutes a worldview that denies a Creator, simply because to create such an awesome universe just speaking a word and it is so! Is just simple impossible, as viewed by science.

Even though there are differences in opinion between religion and science, and within science, the decision
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