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My definition of art is imagination and passion expressed by creating a visual feature. I consider art to be a figurative of the imagination because everything starts with thought. People create life by thinking of ways to develop; this then creates art. It is as simple as watching a child draw a picture. I can recall imagining a picture in my head and expressing my thoughts on paper. The drawing did not come out as I imagined but it took me to a place and every time I saw the picture I thought about the vision I had created in my head. Although art involves imagination, not everyone has passion to create art. Art can be created through anger and frustration. I think that is the best way to create art. It can show passion to the …show more content…
Architecture expresses art threw blueprints, construction, and innovation. It can be said that the artwork was first brought to Chicago by Daniel H. Burnham, William Le Baron Jenney, Louis H Sullivan, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, and Frank Lloyd Wright. These artist are known as America's most important architects, and for helping to rebuild Chicago after the Chicago Fire of 1871 (http://www.novelguide.com). This started the development of Chicago as an industrialized city. Visual Examples In class: (Right)
The picture shows the work of William Le Baron Jenney. This building is known as the Home Insurance Building in Chicago and is famous for its curtain walls. The term curtain walls refers to the horizontal lines that separate the buildings windows into sections.

Outside of class: (Left)
This picture shows Louis H Sullivan’s design (exterior view) in 1904 for the Carson Pirie Scott building. (www.cityofchicago.org). This building represented architecture art because of the symmetrical balance and the cresting on the top of the building that allows a person standing in front of it to have idea of how high the building is.

 Paleolithic Era
Paleolithic Era is the time in which humans used stones as tools and hunting and gathering was taking place and the art was expressed on cave walls

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