Original Design Planning : The Barclays Center

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Original Design Planning The Barclays Center lies on a 22 acres land area with the original design as shown in figure 2. The arena has a conspicuous canopy 85ft high and cantilevers right above the main entrance and supported by 135,000 steel structure which spans through the length the roof and below the roof (Barclays Center, 2016). Once complete, the indoor arena had a space of 675,000. The arena also has a steel oculus which reaches 80 foot high. The arena was also designed to have a green roof which is supported by 350 ft arch-trusses which have been tied and span along the length of the arena (Barclays Center, 2016). The green roof constitutes of sedum flowers which require minimal or no maintenance and aids in reducing the levels of noise emanating from the arena. The canopy together with the roof utilize about 12,000 panels of pre-weathered steel. The arena has seven structural levels as shown in figure 3. The top most level is the upper suite level, then the lower suite level, followed by the upper concourse level. The arena bowl level is where the actual sporting event takes place. The arena bowl level is followed by the main concourse level which is at the same elevation with the entry lobby. The bottom-most level is the entry level. Construction Even though the arena had been projected to be opened in 2006, the actual construction started on March 11, 2010, and the initial piece of steel was erected in November 2010. Due to the ease in assembly of steel
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