Original Grizzly Bear Flag By Robert B. Ide And Men

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California was ruled by the Spanish until the early 1800 's. Around 1822, news that Spain was backing away from its northern colony reached California and led to some unrest and revolt. The state became fully independent in 1836 and bears the Red Lone Star Flag which contained a single red star on a white background. In the anticipation to end Mexican rule over the Free and Sovereign State of California, Peter Storm designed the original Grizzly Bear Flag which was raised for the first time in Sonoma, California in June 1846. Of those who raised the first flag includes William B. Ide and men who became known as the Bear Flaggers. California was part of Mexico since its independence in 1821. It was called the department of Alta California and a province of New Spain for many years. William L. Todd, cousin of Mary Todd Lincoln, designed another California Bear Flag. The star on the flag began in the 1863 Lone Star Flag. From the letter of William Todd to Los Angeles Express, he said that the star came from using blackberry juice and in recognition of the California Lone Star Flag, and the bear was made to symbolized strength and unyielding resistance. Most think that the bear on the first bear flag resembles the grizzly, but it resembles more of a common American black bear because it shows the lack of shoulder hump and narrow muzzle. There was a brief history on the original Bear Flag and the republic it symbolized during June to July 1846. A small group of American

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