Original Position Essay

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From prep school to boot camp, from college boy to infantryman, twentieth century philosopher John Rawls lived both a privileged and challenging life that eventually led him to questioning society’s take on justice. Educated at Princeton University for his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Rawls became a philosophy professor teaching at Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Harvard University. His first book, A Theory of Justice, published in 1971 addressed the relationship between the values of freedom and equality. Focusing on “justice as fairness”, Rawls states that instead of competing against each other, freedom and equality can be balanced. Introducing the concept of the ‘Original Position’ Rawls argues that…show more content…
Research done by Nicholas Carnes and John Holbein from Duke University found that the U.S. Government is far more responsive to affluent Americans than to low-income or working-class citizens.
“When politicians make policy decisions on a wide range of issues, the outcomes tend to line up closely with the preferences of rich constituents, and meet the preferences of the poor only by chance.”

One in three Black males will go to prison in their lifetime . That horrendous fact, isn't because black men are more dangerous or more risk averse, it is because of the society we live in. In his article “White Racism, Black Crime, and American Justice,” criminologist Robert Staples argues that the legal system was made by white men to protect white interests and keep blacks down. Staples goes further to say that the system was characterized by second-rate legal help for black defendants, biased jurors, and judges who discriminate in sentencing . These examples prove that social status and unearned privileges prevent us from protecting freedom and promoting equality. If we didn’t have such a gap between races, social classes, gender, and other factors of identity, people would be more open to helping each. Thereby, a concept like the Original Position is the only way justice could
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