Original Technical Writing Guide And Why I Redesigned

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The purpose of this memo is to give you a better understanding on what revisions were made to the original technical writing guide and why I redesigned it in the way that I did.


This document as whole, was missing a lot of crucial information that I felt needed to be included in a technical writing guide. As a whole, I believe that my redesign of the document will prove to be more useful and more navigable than the original that was presented. In the discussion, I will be analyzing each part of the guide that I felt needed to be revised.


One of the first things that will stick out from the guide is the color scheme chosen for both the text and background, blue and green text on a beige background respectively. Since this is supposed to be an academic resource for engineering students, I felt it was most appropriate to have a white background with black text, thus helping to bolster the professionalism of the document. When I first opened the document, I felt as if it was very distracting and possibly may have been written for those in high school, but upon further inspection, I discovered that this was written for students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Unless this is a cultural difference of some kind, I feel as if the author merely wanted to attract readers to use the guide. Even after fixing the color scheme, it was still very hard to navigate the document.

In order to fix the issue of navigability, I changed each of the primary
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