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Sitting quietly in the corner of the classroom one day, and bouncing off the walls in the gym the next, four year old Garrett was the little boy who I observed all three times at the Early Education Center. Garrett was always an extremely welcomed person while also being very welcoming to other people. Including his teacher, college workers, and his peers in and out of the classroom. He seemed to be the kid who everyone else naturally gravitated to. He never once had to ask to play with a group of kids when I was observing him. Instead, Garrett was being asked by other kids if he could come over and play with them. I spent a total of an hour and a half observing. Once it was over lunch, and the others were in the afternoon during circle …show more content…

He ran around the outside circle of the gym with a few of his classmates while shouting and exclaiming with joy. In the classroom, Garrett showed his motor skills in numerous ways. Using finger grip and hand strength, which are both fine motor skills, he spooned food onto his plate for lunch and carefully poured his milk into his bowl during snack. On the flip side, Garrett showed his gross motor skills just as well as he dribbled a ball, ran around in the gym, and climbed on the playground equipment.
The cognitive domain deals with a child’s intellectual abilities, which Garrett had many examples of as well. Garrett was able to use information processing to think through the process of washing his hand and taking his outside clothing off and hanging it in his cubbie without needing any assistance. He was given instruction on a certain task and was able to complete it without needing to go back and ask questions, which signifies his memory capability.
The term “self talk” was something that Garrett showed during my observations as well. Self talk refers to when a person is struggling with a certain subject matter or idea and they need to talk themselves through it in order to gain a better understanding. And it’s not just young children who use this as a learning technique. Teenagers and adults use this same mechanism just maybe slightly modified to fit their age level. He talked himself

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