Original Writing : Rock N Roll

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At the turn of the 20th century, the U.S. was introduced to may new cultural ideas and forms of self-expression; the biggest being music and the new genera of rock n roll. White musicians like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and Jerry Lee Lewis were the first breed of white musicians who had the voice and soul of black jazz singers just as Louie Armstrong. The new genera of music separated the younger generation who was enthusiastic and accepted rock n roll from the older generation who was not willing to change and accept the new rave of music. Rock n Roll didn’t just come about in the 1950’s but was centuries in the makings. In the mid to late 1600’s many white settlers began to trade and force slaves from Africa to do rigorous labor, despite harsh lives they kept their culture alive. They keep their music alive by singing folk tales while working on the fields. Many of the song lyrics were made up on the spot and “talked about ‘going home’…they [the slaves] were singing about going north to Canada and freedom” (Patrickson, Will). The civil war freed blacks, and although their lives were still difficult, there was a sense of peace and freedom achieved. Former slaves still continued to sing and create music and educated blacks introduced “English hymns”3 to their music. No longer being enslaved blacks had access to stringed instruments that were previously played strictly by whites. This access to white instruments was the first time that the soul of black-slavery music
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