Original Writing : Sister Callista Roy

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Sister Callista Roy was born in Los Angeles, California in 1939. Roy graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s College with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and then from the University of California with a master’s degree in nursing. Roy then went on to receive a master’s and doctorate degree in sociology from the University of California. Roy was confronted with a challenge to establish a nursing conceptual model, which she accepted. Roy had noticed, throughout her nursing, that children were able to adapt to key psychological and physical changes. Roy decided to use adaptation as the basis for a nursing conceptual model. Roy’s outline of the adaptation model was accepted by Mount Saint Mary’s College in 1968, this is when Roy began creating the model of adaptation. The first publication of the model was in 1970 in the Nursing Outlook. Roy became a professor at the University of Portland and Mount Saint Mary’s College in 1982 (Phillips, 2006). “Roy has published many books, chapters, and periodical articles and has presented numerous lectures and workshops focusing on her nursing adaptation theory” (Phillips, 2006). Theory Roy stated, “persons are holistic adaptive systems and the focus of nursing” (Phillips, 2006). What Roy means by that is that a person’s entire adaptive systems, including all four modes, should be analyzed and included in the nursing interventions and treatments. All of these parts play a crucial role in the person’s well being, because each mode
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