Original Writing : The Glen

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I was seven years old when I moved into a new neighborhood. It was called “The Glen”. This was not an ordinary neighborhood though. As my parents and I pulled into the driveway, along with the moving truck, I could see multiple kids running all around in the street and grass. I had known a kid from school named Scott who was one of the ones playing out there. As soon as we parked, I hopped out of the car with my brother, Connor, and ran straight over to play. Some of the kids were my age, others older in high school, but none younger. I was introduced to them. Massey, Tal, Trevor, Rotem, Matt, Jordan, Brandon, and Justin. These kids I would never forget. Over time, many of these kids moved on either to new houses, colleges, or states, but the things we did we would remember forever. Every day after school I would walk in my house, drop my stuff, get changed, and head right back out. Homework and studying could wait. Only flip phones were out and Massey, a sophomore in high school, was the only one with one. If no one were outside, which was rare, I would start knocking on downs all around the block telling parents to let their kids know we were out. Around an hour later, everyone was out, and depending on what sport season it was, that’s what we were playing. Football was always the most fun. It was usually two hand touch in the street but sometimes we would get lucky and play tackle on a neighbor’s yard when they weren’t home. Basketball we would play on Scott and his
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