Original Writing : The Spire Rose High Over The Soot

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The Spire rose high over the soot covered townhouses of Lower Forte, glistening in the setting sun. Thousands of windows twinkled, a starry sky brought down to the undeserving earth. Towers twisted amongst the walls of marble and glass, reaching into the heavens, yet still pitiful in size to the massive central structure. Along the walls of the castle, estates hung in the open air, giant mansions, yet nothing but fleas on the Spire’s flank. In one of the larger buildings, the Allrian senate concluded a meeting regarding the borderlands to the west. In an elegant hall, two fighters sparred with gun and blade, twirling gracefully in a airy dance. In one of the shining windows, a lone figure stood, gazing out across the wretched streets of…show more content…
Their caws pierced through the soul of any man, and their eyes seemed like portals to the netherworld. Crows were terrifying.

Suddenly, another sight drew her away from the crow. A ragged airship, it’s dark colors contrasted by the orange sky, was slowly floating for the spire. All along the spine of the zeppelin were the blue and gold flags of the Allrian republic. Mary’s heart jumped in her chest painfully. After all this… had something gone wrong? Why were they late? Was Dominic safe? These thoughts roiled in her mind as she leaped down staircases, raced through hallways, traveling as quickly as she could to the courtyards.

She flew past the outer gate, and stopped. Now that she was closer to the ship, she could see the damage. Long scorch marks covered the undercarriage, and the balloon was punctured and torn. As the last wisps of hydrogen departed, the canvas hung loose and gaunt on the inner frame. It was a miracle the ship had made it back at all. The side hatch swung open, and Mary watched with ragged breath while the crew stumbled out of the ship. No one was unharmed. Bruises, lesions, burns and fractures were disposed with no mercy among the sorry souls. Mary took a few tentative steps forward. Maybe Dominic was alright. Maybe the bird was just an omen of pain and injury.
Two engineers stepped through the hatch, burdened under the weight of a covered stretcher. The arm hanging over the edge bore a familiar silver

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