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New York, New York- Walt Frazier is one of the greatest Knicks, and one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history. He is the epitome of the overused word legend, expect in Frazier case he actually fits the description. Part of his legend is that he gives back to the city that made him into a household name. His annual basketball camp is held in the city which gives many youths a chance at running drills, and doing various cardio workouts with instruction from various coaches that ranges from the high school, college, and even pro level. Thousands of kids from across the city of all races flock to this camp to learn the game of basketball from one of the all time greats. “I been doing camps since I started with the Knicks in 1967. Once I retired I still continued to work with the kids. I‘ve doing the camp for almost 40 years It 's a real blessing. A proud Frazier said. During Frazier decent up the basketball ladder in Georgia the players from his generation didn 't have this type of experience of having pro, and college athletes come in and teach them the finer points of the games. Frazier comes from an era where he didn 't have all the facilities and specialized equipment that the players of today have. The generation of yesteryear had to deal with second hand equipment because the players from that generation grew up during the Jim Crow era. “ Growing up we never had any camp like this. We didn 't have any parents that came to the camp or supervision we just

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