Originally Began With The British And Their Requirement

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originally began with the British and their requirement for standards in Defense Industries. To qualify, a firm had to detail in writing the procedure for making their product, the procedure had to be analyzed by the Ministry of Defense, and then guarantee that the employees adhered to the guidelines. The notion of quality pledge branched out further than the military and the British Government in 1966 created a campaign of reliability and quality. Suppliers were being analyzed differently by customers and it was realized that their efforts were being duplicated and wasting money and time. In 1969, the British Government committee suggested that suppliers’ procedures should be analyzed against a common standard of quality declaration. “In…show more content…
The original ISO 9000(1987) was structured similar to the British Standard BS 5750 with 3 representations for quality management, the choice of which was emphasized on the scope of happenings within the organization. US Defense and other military standards influenced the language of the first forming of the standards, therefore if was more applicable to manufacturing and the rigorous demands of the manufacturing process of the factory floor. With its framework of twenty requirements, the importance is placed upon the controlling of procedures, instead of the inclusive process of management, which had been the original commitment. (british-assessment.co.uk) The standards of ISO 9000 detail 20 requirements for an organization 's quality management system in the following areas: 1.Management Responsibility 2.Quality System 3.Contract Review 4.Design Control 5.Document and Data Control 6.Purchasing 7.Customer-Supplied Material 8.Product Identification and Tractability 9.Process Control 10.Inspecting and Testing 11.Inspection and Testing Control of Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment 12.Inspection and Test Status 13.Control of Nonconforming Products 14.Corrective Action 15. Handling, Storage, Packaging, and Delivery 16.Quality Records 17. Internal Quality Audits 18.Training 19.Servicing 20.Statistical Techniques (strategosinc.com) ISO 9000 is an assembly of procedures that can assist an organization to
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