Origins And Background Of Greek Mythology And Superheroes

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Origins and Background of Greek Mythology and Superheroes Authors have to have inspiration, some base their work off of or some already existing idea that they can put their own spin on. They change their heroes enough so that it’s not noticeable, but parallels are obvious. Mello, Carolina. "The New Wonder Woman and Greek Mythology." Women Write About Comics. N.p., 13 May 2014. Web. 28 Mar. 2017. Many tales in Greek mythology concern the lives of heroes, who rank somewhere between men and gods. They were stronger and braver than other men and achieved great deeds, but they lacked the magic or supernatural powers of the gods and their deeds were accomplished by the use of human characteristics- courage, strength, and endurance. Some had…show more content…
He was shorter than the average male, a lot weaker than average, he got picked on and beat up by bullies, he was generally embarrassed and demeaned as Heracles was. And then when he was injected with the formula that gave him superhuman capabilities, he was put through an immense amount of pain. While it was for a split second, it still stands that he suffered pain during his final ascension, just as Heracles did. Batman and Homer’s Odysseus Neilson, Christine A. "Ancient and Modern Super Heroes." N.p., 23 Sept. 2013.Web. 27 Mar. 2017. Like Homer’s Odysseus, Batman exudes mythological deity characteristics, including strength, courage, and selflessness. Batman is today what Homer’s Odysseus is to ancient Greece. He embodies what mythological characters stand for during the times of ancient Greece. Batman and Odysseus embark on their quests as selfless acts to accomplish a specific goal. Batman does what he does in attempt to make his city a safer, better place to live, much like the men and women on the frontlines of the battlefield, or a hero like Odysseus. Iron Man and Ant-Man to Daedalus. They were mad scientists of a sort, inventors that gave birth to creations of both wonder and horror. Whereas Daedalus gave Icarus wings, Tony Stark created his iron suit that allowed him to fly. Whereas Daedalus gave birth to the monstrosity known as the Minotaur, Hank Pym gave birth to the ultra

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