Origins Of Putin 's Political Idea 's And Strategies

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Origins Of Putin’s Political Idea’s and Strategies

Adam Alexander


This paper will argue that the Russian leader Vladimir Putin has political ideals and strategies that closely mirror those of previous troublesome and infamous historical figures that lead their different countries and factions to territorial expansions, and the inevitable fall of themselves as leaders, dictators and tyrants. Though Putin is his own man and is able to follow his own path there are many similarities between his actions and the actions of two different leaders that are infamous for different reasons, the leaders that he shows the most similarities to are Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. I will be talking about the military expansion of the three men, political goals towards their own countries, political views of other countries and how other countries viewed at the time, and how this all is viewed in the different paradigms of international relations.

Background: In order to provide an adequate understanding of how these three leaders came into power and to give one a small knowledge on them, one must take a brief look over the significant parts of their careers in politics and government.
• Vladimir Putin (U.S.S.R &Russia)
Early in his career Putin worked as an intelligence officer for the KGB that was the intelligence gathering part of the now dissolved U.S.S.R, once retired from the agency in 1990 he worked at a university in Leningrad and then as an advisor for a…

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