Origins Of The Middle Eastern Dance

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Due to culture, different countries have their different ways of life. This reflects their beliefs, values, religion, attitude, social habits, music, dance and more. Dance differs from country to country although a dance could be practiced in other countries. In the Middle Eastern part of the world, they have a famous type of dance called the “Belly Dance”. The Middle Eastern dance is an umbrella term that consists of all dances of the Middle East and its neighboring areas from both the past and present. However it’s also a term usually used to refer to Raqs Sharqi or “belly dance” and its various styles, offshoots, and predecessors. Many scholars believe that Raqs Sharqi stems from older dances. It is known to be one of the world’s oldest dances with theories relating it to ancient dances in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Persia, India and other ancient civilizations. Middle Eastern dance have many histories and origins. It is possible that this dance can be traced back to Mesopotamia where temples engraving depicting dancers have been found. These same types of depiction have been found on temples in Egypt dating back to 1000 B.C. and in Greece. It is whispered by many that this dance started as an ancient ritual dance for fertility and childbirth. The priestesses were sometime “sacred prostitutes” where they would perform these dances for clients as they invoked the Goddess. The modern version of belly dance only goes back to the 1900’s when it was modified as a stage
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