Origins Of The Sport And The Battle For Integration Essay

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Baseball has not always been the exciting, diverse, and traditional pastime as it is today. Before the glory days of televised sports, was its murky past. America’s pastime didn’t reflect what the country really represents at the core; a melting pot of people from different races and backgrounds. To understand how race has had an effect on baseball, one must look at the sport’s timeline. Starting from conception to pivotal events that shaped the game today, one can really see how the balance of power has shifted drastically in the game and has had an impact on our nation. Baseball started out as a leisure activity and transformed into a business. The game of baseball truly had no borders. In this paper, I will look at the origins of the sport and the battle for integration. I will also take a look at how the minority communities were affected by the conception, involvement, and racism that surrounded the sport. Baseball’s origins are difficult to trace. The widely accepted view that it originated in the late 1830’s by Abner Doubleday has been totally debunked. The earliest indications of the sport were in England, Germany, and France. Sandlot baseball dominated the middle of the 19th century until industry and professional baseball came into its own. Although the records indicate it was more along the lines of a form of cricket, the game, as we know it was entering its early stages. Along with the MLB, there was the Caribbean league as well as the Negro league, and now the

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