Origins Of The World War

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Origins of the World War 1
General Theory of the War
The First World War occurred when Britain went to war with Germany in the year 1914. During that time, the government led by the Prime Minister called Andrew Fisher pledged to completely support Britain. Globally, the war affected Australia and other nations with a lot of enthusiasm. It lasted for 5 years from the year 1914 to 1919. It was a battle between the allies and the central powers. It is believed to have involved a lot of soldiers and military warfare. It is one of the bloodiest warfare in the history of the world as far as global warfare is concerned. Military troops were placed in trenches which was a strategy that ensured that there was tight defense (Lecture notes: August
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Shifting in the balance of power in Europe can also be attributed to triggering the war. Every country and nation wanted to prove that it was powerful and capable of defending itself. No nation wanted to be dominated and bullied by another one which also resulted in security dilemma (Lecture notes: August 4th, 3). Clashes due to the territory in the Balkans can also be blamed for the eruption of the war. The alliances and treaties that were formed amongst the nations also resulted in others participating in the war.
The growth and spread of nationalism throughout Europe also contributed to the start of the war; in addition, unresolved disputes also played a major role (Lecture notes: August 18th, 5). Other contributing factors included: the formation of alliances, threats from each other and the perceived collapse of the balance of power throughout Europe. Convoluted and divided governance also acted as another contributing factor to the breakout of the war. This is because some governments were beginning to breakdown and divide which led to a weak system of governance. Imperial as well as colonial rivalry due to wealth, power, and prestige were also involved in the occurrence of the world war. Economic and military rivalry and clashes also led to the eruption of this war.

Industrialization of War The fact that Germany was rising quickly in terms of the economic, industrial and military skills made the
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