Essay on Origins and Solutions to Jealousy

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What is jealousy? Is it part of any normal relationship, or is it always destructive? The origins of jealousy are not clear. Some believe that jealousy was our solution to mate retention due to our "concealed fertilization" process (Basset 72). While others believe that it is how we compare what we have to what other have and is triggered by "perceived threats to relationships" and is designed to "trigger initial emotional reactions" (Basset 73). What is clear is that jealousy has been a part of the human race for as long as our species has developed social structures. Smith indicates that t here are several types of jealousy ranging from mild to severe when verbal and physical threats come in. When jealousy…show more content…
Men tend to act out their jealousy violently more often than women (Basset 72). Many times jealousy is the natural possessiveness that partners in a relationship have for each other and the exhibition of it is a sign of their desire to maintain the relationship. This is often the case in "open" relationships where partners are not exclusive to one another.
Trust is both the best prevention and cure for jealousy in a relationship. In order to repair a relationship however, partners should recognize that the solution to solving jealousy is mainly good communication skills in conjunction with growth of mutual respect. Where there is no trust in a relationship, there will be problems whether it is infidelity (imagined or otherwise), jealousy, or withdrawal from the partner. Owens emphasizes that "communication has to be open on both sides" (qtd. in Jet 2002) if a solution is going to work. Both sides of the partnership have to face their own failings and behavior and be willing to do what is necessary and work together to make it right. Once the people start to distance themselves from each other, the relationship has hit a serious decline and it is either time to break it off and find someone else or do some serious soul searching to work together to
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