Origins of The Story of the Three Bears

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Origins of The Story of the Three Bears The Story of the Three Bears is a classic tale that has been around since 1837. The tale is known to have many different authors dated back from the 1800’s. Authors such as Eleanor Mure and Robert Southey are the most known authors for their different publications of this tale. The authors included different villains in each edition. The history of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, became important because the many historical differences led to the conclusion that Robert Southey was the original author. In “The Story of the Three Bears,” the historical context featured exemplify the differences between the authors and their personal editions. “The Story of the Three Bears” first appeared in Volume IV in the publishing, “The Doctor” in 1837. Sources believe that Robert Southey first heard this story from his uncle during his earlier life. “The Doctor,” composed with a number of episodes and essays written by Robert Southey himself. Five volumes appear before the death of Robert’s death in 1843. Then in 1847, two volumes were later edited and published by his son-in-law, John Wood Warter. The two added editions completes the series. Scholars believe that six years after Eleanor Mure’s work, British poet laureate Robert Southey wrote the “Story of the Three Bears” which appeared in his writings. Robert Southey’s version of ‘The Three Bears,’ states three characteristics in his tale in “The Doctor”. The first feature
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