Origins of the Catholic Church in Australia. Essay

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Origins of the Catholic Church in Australia.

The first Catholics to come along to Australia, were amongst the first convicts to step foot on the shores of Port Jackson in Sydney. These Catholics were Irish in origin, and brought Catholicism to Australia, although Anglican Ministers were trying to stop the spread of Catholicism in Great Britain and her colonies. Most of the Irish who came here came here because of the British persecution of Irish Nationalists.

The first obstacle to Catholicism spreading came with the Passing of the so called, White Australia Act, 1903 which prohibited those with of non-white colour from successfully settling in Australia. After World War II, there then came a relaxing of the immigration prohibitions, the
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Catholic Organisations
There were many Catholic Organisations in the time before 1962. Many organizations or Sodalities rather, helped with the disadvantaged and unfortunate within the Catholic Community.

•     Legion of Mary: This sodality had its origins in Ireland and was founded by Frank Duff, a common man. Its role was to help the spiritual life of its members and help those who were sick and house-bound. They also helped explain the Catholic Faith to those who did not understand it. This was joined by the many parishioners.
•     Young Catholic Workers: This organization was founded by a Father Joseph Cardijn who was from Belgium. The aim of the organization was to talk about the Gospels and teach what the Church Teaches to the wider community. This was joined by people who were in the Workforce.
•     Theresian Club: This sodality helped the children from less enthusiastic Catholic Homes and taught them about their faith. They were mostly religious women, and they had many practices within the church.

The Roles of the Religious and the Laity.
The role of the clergy, or priests rather was to administrate the Catholic Schools, encourage the funding of the schools and church. The Nunnery was used along with priests, called the Lay Teachers to teach the laity in the schools. These teachers were used as

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