Orlando-Conforming to Society Essays

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As a person looks around themselves and their surroundings they can pick up little details about themselves as well as their society. Society has a lot to do with the things that are bought, taken home, displayed. Society depicts what things are fashionable and what’s not. This alludes to the fact that one acquires the ideals of the society around them. Though conforming seems like the best way to make one’s self seem respectable, does it mean that one must lose themselves in order to gain the respect of society? That is the very struggle that presents itself in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.      Orlando is a story about a young man who transcends into adulthood, finding his own path, by becoming a woman who lives…show more content…
Having lost his first true love devastated Orlando, and having Mr. Nick Greene put down his beloved poetry (page 94, Woolf), the last issue Orlando could handle in the current society he was in, were the advances of the Archduchess Harriet (page114, Woolf).It is then that Orlando decided to pick himself up and transfer himself into another society. He moved to the land of the Turks in the seventeenth century.      Once Orlando reached the Turk’s he once again conformed himself. At “about seven, he would rise, wrap himself in a Turkish cloak, light a cheroot, and lean his elbows on the parapet” (page 120, Woolf). Orlando learned the Turkish language and adapted himself to exotic customs. While trying to escape the “prison” that he created for himself in England he once again traps himself a second time trying to conform to the ways of others. He would not even receive visitors until he smelled, looked, and covered like the Turks (page 121, Woolf). However as much as Orlando tried to fit in he seemed “to have made no friends. As far as is known, he formed no attachments (page 125, Woolf). This begs the question; was all the effort to conform worth it, when he obviously didn’t fit in despite his effort? It is here where Orlando became pensive, and was graced with a visit from the Ladies: Purity, Chastity, and Modesty. The reader senses Orlando’s inner musings of what his next step would be or where it would lead him. Then Orlando became
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