Orlando Florida: Environment and Ecology

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Orlando Florida Environment & Ecology Introduction Orlando Florida is known worldwide for its entertainment facilities, notably Walt Disney World, Universal Theme Park and other attractions. This paper reports on Orlando's natural environment and ecology, which doesn't get the attention and publicity that the theme parks do, but in the end these natural world places are more vital to the well being of the humans and wildlife in that area of Central Florida. Orlando's Environment / Ecology The most prominent ecological feature of the Orlando area is the multitude of lakes. Some bass fishermen's guides claim there are up to 2,000 lakes in the greater Orlando area, if a person counts the lakes, ponds, and potholes and sinkholes, which occur with regularity in Orlando. Officially, according to the City of Orlando there are about 97 lakes, with names like Lake Beauty, Lake Druid, Lake Fairhope, Lake Hourglass, Lake Ivanhoe, Mud Lake, Red Lake, and Lake Winvah, among many more (City of Orlando). In fact there are an estimated 7,800 lakes in Florida that are at least an acre in size, according to Bridget Cohen of the Orlando Parks Examiner. Two-thirds of those lakes are located within the four counties that surround Orlando. With so many lakes, whether man-made or natural, there are abundant species of wildlife that count on these lakes in and around Orlando. Writing in the United States Geological Survey publication, "Hydrology of Central Florida Lakes," Donna M. Schiffer
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