Orlando International Airport Essay

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Orlando International Airport [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Table of Contents SWOT Analysis 3 Strength 3 Weakness 3 Opportunity 5 Threats 6 GAP Analysis 8 Hexagon of Competitive Identity 18 References 19 Orlando International Airport SWOT Analysis Strength Since May 2008, Orlando International Airport has increasingly used higher fees to recover some of the expenses lost in their bulging fuel bills. This trend continued as revenue was hit by low passenger numbers. Additional charges have forced passengers to pay more to check in additional baggage, which can cost $50 or more each way, leading to a lack of pricing transparency in the Orlando International Airport. Airfares are quoted online without including…show more content…
Flight and ground staff, including mechanics and transportation ticket executors, may need to work during the evening, on weekends or on vacations. Flight staff may be far from their homes as often as possible, with flight orderlies commonly flying 65 to 85 hours a month. As such, the average Orlando International Airport wage is moderately high at an estimated $80,011 in 2013. Opportunity Another emerging trend in the past five years has involved the progress made on open skies agreements between the United States and other countries. Open skies agreements serve to liberalize Orlando International Airport transport markets between the two signing countries or parties in the agreement. These agreements remove government restrictions, such as limits to the number of flights any one airline is allowed to operate per week between countries. The removal of these limitations has opened some routes up to increased competition, by allowing Orlando International Airport to fly more frequently and making these routes more accessible. Orlando International Airport could not previously justify the capital expense of operating on routes with limited flights are now able to profit on routes with high demand. Threats Flying Low Orlando International Airport’s rebound has been somewhat slow due to weak demand and its inability to immediately increase
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