Ornithology Course Analysis

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A beneficial science course that I took before this semester was Ornithology. The professor, Dr. Leon Jernigan was an awesome instructor, very helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Leon Jernigan focused on teaching us the major groupings of birds, basics of flights, adaptions, and their nesting behaviors. He presented the material with PowerPoints, handouts and videos. The instructor taught the lab with many hands-on activities including fieldtrips, dissections, bird watching, and birding identification. The Biology Department did not require any prerequisite classes for Ornithology and it was an elective for Biology major. I thought the class was fun with the many hands on activates including field trips to Fort Bragg. Skills I obtained from taking Ornithology include being able to recognize and identify birds from their calls,…show more content…
For example, Botany and Ornithology was taught with awesome professors that did anything to help their students succeed. Likewise, Botany and Ornithology both taught us how all organisms are made up of the basic unit of life; cells. Also, the professors of Botany and Ornithology taught lecture mainly with PowerPoints while lab included more hands-on activities. However, that’s where the similarities between the classes end. Ornithology is the study of birds. Uniquely, the professor taught lab with many field trips to different locations for birding. Not to mention, The Biology Department did not require prerequisite courses for Ornithology. Lastly, I used Ornithology as an elective. Botany, however, required General Biology as a prerequisite class. Also, the professor did not include any outside field trips for Botany. Additionally, Botany is the study of plants. Also, Haleigh needed Botany for her major as General Biology. All though our courses are different they were beneficial to our growing development of becoming
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