Oroonoko Analysis

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Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko is arguably one of the most tragic novels in British Literature. The love story of two enslaved Surinam nobilities, who both meet their atrocious end, depicts shameful european history in regards of slavery. The words painted white men as vile creatures who were known to be dishonest and ruthless. Though one may say Behn’s work brought light to a subject so taboo, others argue that the novel plays into a racial narrative that minorities have struggled for centuries to break free from.While Behn’s explicit use of language expressed her disapproval of colonists, I believe her work embodied the notion of whitewashing the text gain approval of a particular group. Considering the fact, that Behn was the first women to live by her pen, and broke cultural norms, it is unclear if her intention was enclosing a shock factor, or exercising her ability to challenge societal norms for the greater good. Oroonoko describes how individuals are unable to be free people who grow intellectually and ethically, instead slavery holds these prisoners captive leaving them a shell of a person. Living in a european world where ignorance is used a bondage to restraint individuals from comprehending the severity of slavery, and the impact these texts have made has shaped ideological forces that shouldn't be disregarded. When deconstructing the text, I believe Alpha Behn’s story of Oroonoko falls under racisms constrained view and exhibits an unschooled thought in correlation of
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